Rakesh Mijling

Raised in the Osho Commune and received his name Swami Deva Rakesh in 1981 by Osho. He kept this name ever since. He travelled throughout India and the Himalaya’s on his journey to self realisation. He receive initiations and tantric knowledge from various teachers and is well experienced in Osho meditations, Vipassana, Kriya Yoga, Advaita Vedanta, Buddhist Tantra and Neo Tantra. After assisting several renowned tantra teachers, he started his own meditation center called Art of Loving in 2005. From there he developed a dance form called Tantric Dance in 2007 that holds many important tantric principles.

This dance type is now common around the world, he has trained many teachers and loves sharing it at festivals. Rakesh hosts men’s groups through Men Awareness, couple’s coaching, tantra retreats and is initiator of the Tantra Festival Amsterdam. He has two kids and lives in Amsterdam together with his beloved Elfriede. Together they walk the tantric path and love sharing about it. https://artofloving.nl https://tantric.dance https://menawareness.com https://tantrafestival.amsterdam https://tantragathering.com


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