Stage 1 in Portugal

14th – 20th September 2021. Awakeland, Algarve, Portugal


Stage 1 – the Initiation

The Awaken as Love Initiation is a journey open to everyone – it begins with a choice to go on an adventure that will expand you beyond the boundaries of your current existence. What will it bring to you? More awareness, more love, more inclusion, more juice to your life and more depth if you allow it.

The retreat offer maps, tools and experiences from Tantra, Shamanism, Embodiment and Integral practices. They will help you take your life to the next level. It has been said that a quantum leap occurs in humans when they realise and embody the most recent unfolding edge of our consciousness, named “Integral Consciousness”. It takes just 10% of the world population to steady themselves at this level to form a critical mass that will help bring the rest along with them. The solutions to most of the world’s problems reveal themselves.

This first stage is called “Initiation” because if you choose this then all your experiences up til now have led you to this point and you are obviously ready to step into a wider reality – in doing so you enter fresh and new, open to discovering more. This initiation is designed to jump-start your expansion into this level with the mission of helping that 10% emerge.

As you step into this journey you will encounter maps that help you understand the larger world and your place in it (this is beyond your imagination), tools that help you to play more fully in this world, embodied experiences that help you to anchor a new reality and finally ongoing resources which help to integrate and incorporate this into your life.



What is this Training?

Your Instructors

During this course you will be held by 3 of the Awaken as Love faculty (and a full team of assistants) – they each come from different backgrounds but all are inspired to facilitate the evolution of humanity.

James Stevenson

James Stevenson

Founder & Instructor

James’s passion is to help call forth our human potential and our soul. His weave brings together more than 22 years experience in techniques, practices and information from the cutting edge of Neuroscience, Tantra, Biodanza, Shamanic & Energy Work, Integral theory and Taoist practices to create a spirituality that is rooted in the body. His evolutionary approach is to work on all lines, levels, states and parts of ourselves in bringing forth our fullest potential.

His shamanic work includes being Vision Quest rites of passage guide, holding Sweatlodge Ceremonies as well as Sacred Cacao Rituals. He is also part of the International School of Temple Arts faculty. He has been dancing Biodanza since 2003 and now works as a teacher and a didactic teacher (qualified to teach other teachers in Biodanza Schools).

Riya Sokol

Riya Sokol


Riya is an artist. Known as a singer, activist but also awakening & sex coach, tantrica, vision quest guide. Trained by Amazonian Medicines, she is very connected to earth medicines and ceremonial spaces as well as to Tantra in the integrated version- initiated by Kaula Heart of All, and influenced by the Baul Mystics but mostly her Beloved James and their relationship.

She travels around the world, using her voice for singing and speaking, sharing her gifts with groups. She is dedicated to spirituality as much as she is to her “down to earth” life, contributing to the evolution that is happening now and as part of it she wants to bring balance and harmony in all the aspects of hers and others lives.

Deva Ashik

Deva Ashik


Ashik is on the path of the unity in service of Sacred Sexuality. His meditation practice and teachings focus on the body, revealing the holiness of everything. He has worked from Primal to Shamanism, Holistic Massage to Emotional Expression, Bioenergetics to Sufism. Ashik is a certified Learning Love teacher, based in Portugal. He is a qualified therapist in Tantra, Yoga, Breathwork, Abdominal Massage and is currently studying Somatic Experience.

Ashik is also the founder of Awakeland Portugal meditation retreat centre, a space he has created for people to experience collective enlightenment as an individual process.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein


In fact it is not the next level of consciousness but the one after that which integrates the previous ones which will facilitate real change.


What will I get from this training?

This certificated course will give you practical tools, maps and experiences to be able to embody a deeper understanding. These will include:


Tantra Techniques

How can the energy of the raw animal self be raised into higher consciousness, and how can this consciousness descend into the body and manifest world? Really this is a deep intimacy with yourself, with a partner and even throughout a group.

Embodiment practices

It’s one thing to understand with the mind, and something completely different to have a knowing that comes from a deep experiencing of wisdom through the body. Being able to manifest inate creativity into the reality is a skill.

System Reboot

We will be resetting the experiences and patterns in the nervous system of the body. These have framed your experience of this world since birth. Imagine how your life could be filled with more ease, clarity and pleasure!


Shamanic Initiations

We will be perfoming ceremonies that take you outside of the normal sequence of time and anchor in soul peices that have been waiting for this moment.

Integral Maps

As we learn these maps –  the whole picture is revealed and we suddenly start to understand where peices that you were partially aware of fit inside a larger picture of reality.

Wisdom Transmission

Through transmission we will be awakening our higher centres of knowing, expanding into a new operating system and accessing novelty from the cosmos.


How can this advance me working in these areas?


There are a few ways in which this training will support you in your journey as a guide, teacher or practitioner. It is an accredited course from Awaken As Love – you will recieve a certificate on completion and you can state that you have completed this training on your personal biographies.

You will also be eligible to attend the next levels – Deepening & Radicalization to eventually become an Awaken as Love Facilitator.

In addition you will be gaining direct tools that you can then use in your own workshops and practices as well as a deeper understanding about how to work with groups – and meeting a larger international network of practitioners and teachers to create and stay in on-going connection. We routinely give opportunities to Awaken as Love graduates to be part of the festivals we create.



Some of Areas Covered in this Training Are:

  • Tantric Bodywork
  • Individual Partnered Tantra Meditations
  • Archetypal Group Rituals
  • Inner Masculine & Inner Feminine Aspects
  • Character armour.
  • De-armouring
  • Integral Maps
  • The 4 Dimensions of Reality.
  • States of Consciousness
  • Stages of Consciousness
  • Lines of Development
  • Typological Mapping
  • Experience of Theory U
  • Shadow & Spiritual Bypassing
  • Gifts of the Wound
  • Difference between Ego and Identity
  • Identity & Regression.
  • Group Dynamics
  • Teachings of the 4 Shields
  • Shamanic Medicine Walk
  • Mindfullness and Heartfullness
  • Satori Experiences


Practical Information for Stage 1 – the Initiation

Dates: The Initiation training runs from the 14th – 20th September 2021

Venue: Awakeland, CCI 674 – Moinho da Rocha. 8500 – 140 Mexilhoeira Grande

Training Cost: Earlybird price of just 650 Euros, Normal price is 850 Euros

10% discount automatically added for those who book this together with the Tantra Festival in the same venue beforehand.



Standard room 

Sharing as a Triple – €420 per person.   Sharing in a room with 2 others of the same gender, with your own bed.

All come with your own bed –  bedding and towels included and with access to communal Bathrooms outside room. Prices include 3 Vegetarian Meals a day.

Electric Glamping Bell tent / Tipi

Sharing as a Double – €420 per person –  Sharing in a room with 2 others of the same gender or people you choose.

All come with your own bed, fan and electricity –  bedding and towels included and with access to communal bathrooms and showers outside. Prices include 3 Vegetarian Meals a day.


The Venue

The training is held at a special retreat venue in Southern Portugal called Awakeland. The landscape there is unique and its natural equilibrium is maintained and potentiated through innovative, non-invasive permaculture and biodynamic agriculture.  We work with the principles of sustainable agriculture and support local species, aiming to live as closely to the earth as possible.

Nature is their fundamental meditation. At Awake, in harmony with nature, the root ourselves and manifest our highest being, living in a process of constant evolution, in which space grows with human and natural growth, living in a parallel, an equilibrium. And in this magical and ancestral space,



Eating together is part of the festival, tickets are fully inclusive of 3 meals a day, from when your dinner on the first night of the training until Lunch on the last day. All our meals are Vegetarian and prepared with love – if you have any special dietary requirements please let us know in the additional information on the booking form.

Book your Place

Now is the time to make that leap to the next level of consciousness!