Catia Leitão

Youval has 10 years of experience facilitating workshops and in the past few years, he has been working in the fields of intimacy, sexuality, surrendering, and water movement. He specializes in building communities both online and in real-life. He is a Rhythmic Blue Monkey, enjoying the great game and marvels at the creation. He believes that love will heal the world.

Youval will help you reach your highest life goals through work with body, mind, and sexuality. I’m an ISTA PT graduate, NLP practitioner, water therapist and has many other tools in his toolkit.

Learn how to re-connect to yourself, your emotions, and to channel your energy in a way that will open up the pathways in your body to allow sexual energy to flow in a life-changing way. This can help you to remove long-standing blockages in your life and attract new kinds of abundance. Sexual energy is a very powerful medicine. Pleasure can go deep, transforming and healing dark parts within you. Pleasure can also create magic when used with the right intention. Learn how to tap your most powerful kind of energy.

I offer a journey of feelings, sensations, and love. A sacred space formen, women, and couples to connect to their body, mind, and spirit.

I’m here to help you master your life force through touch, ropes, breath, and movement. I will help you achieve the freedom to experience your sexuality in a new way.


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